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A trusted name in full service Kitchen and Bath remodeling in Sarasota and Venice Florida since 2004. We exude master craftsmanship and attention to detail to every clients home. We take on challenging designs and bring passion for quality from the fruitful knowledge that only comes from decades of hands on experience and an enthusiasm for customer satisfaction on every project.  ​​
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Kitchen Cabinets in Sarasota, Venice, FL & all other surrounding communities.

If you’re interested in having new kitchen cabinets installed in your home in Sarasota, Venice,  or any other nearby community in Florida, look into the services of James Anderson.  We offer cabinets in virtually any color, finish, or style you could imagine and have more options that look beautiful in your home or condo. Plus, we’re a State licensed full-service home remodeling company that can handle all of your renovation needs, regardless of the extent of your project. So, no matter if you’re looking to install custom cabinets, or revamp the entire kitchen by taking it down to the studs with an entire different design and foot print.  Our 30 plus years experience has you covered in every way.

Cabinet Door Selection Styles



Standard Face Frame Cabinets are characterized by a frame on the face of the cabinet that is visible in the space between the doors and drawers. The cabinet door is then mounted on the face of the cabinet. This combination allows the use of thinner construction of the side wall and back of cabinet giving it a budget price point in factory made cabinetry.

The look of Face Frame Cabinets can be customized in a number of ways such as the style of the cabinet door, the portion frame that remains visible between the doors (the “reveal”), and the hardware where concealed or exposed hinges can be used to create the look that you are most attracted to. Nearly endless opportunities in using face frame cabinetry. 


​​Frameless / European style cabinet construction has no face frame and the cabinet doors are attached directly to the cabinet side. The doors cover the entire front of the cabinet box with a 1/4" reveal on each side which is called a full overlay. Fillers are installed flush with the doors giving the style continuity and uniform. Frameless cabinets are generally constructed using 3/4" - 11 ply maple or birch plywood giving it more strength and durability. Frameless / European style boxes allow wider drawers and cabinets as those in the same size with face frame. Frameless / European style cabinet boxes can also be constructed using 3/4" particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard).​​


​Originally developed during the Victorian periods by master craftsman, the doors and drawers of the cabinet fit within the front frame of the cabinet, creating a nostalgic look that many designers and discerning homeowners are seeking. This fully exposes the front frame of the cabinet, allowing the full beauty of the cabinetry to show through. Inset face frame cabinets feature clean lines with flush doors and drawers. Concealed or exposed hinges can be used to create the look you are most attracted to. The look can be further refined by adding moldings within the inside of the face frame opening for an added touch of detail. Depending on the finish, hardware and door style, the final look can range from antique-reproduction to contemporary or modern.

Custom Cabinet Process

The process to get your custom made built cabinets from James Anderson in your home or office started is pretty simple.  All you need to do is contact  us to discuss your project. 

1.) You will speak to or meet James Anderson or one of our staff so we can learn more about your unique cabinet needs.  If you have  a simple cabinet design need  we might be able to get enough information over the phone or via email to give you an accurate estimate.  However, in most cases we will want to set up an in person meeting on-site, where the project will be to help you design your custom cabinets.

2.) We will work up an estimate on your cabinetry based on the information gathered at our meeting in step one.  This detailed estimate will be submitted via email for your review.

3.) Once we have an approved estimate by you, we will do a 3D CAD drawing of your cabinet layout using a program developed specifically for cabinet design.  These drawings will help you see you cabinet design overall before anything is put into production. At this point a design retainer and or deposit of services rendered will be required. 

4.)We will have a review meeting with you to go over the CAD drawings and be sure that everything is designed to best meet your needs. If any additional changes or tweaks need to be made we will note that during this meeting and have revised drawings created. 

5.)At this point your cabinets are ready to be built and the construction and remodeling in the home can be scheduled  We strive to meet your schedule so that your project does not get held up on our end.

6.)The construction and remodeling of the existing room begin and prepare for the installation of cabinetry. Once the room is ready, your new custom cabinets are delivered and installed. Depending on the complexity and size of the job, this could be several hours to several weeks. 

7.)Once the cabinetry is installed we can measure and template for countertops. Following countertops, we will install the backsplash, appliances and fixtures.

8.) Final clean up, adjustments and demonstrations of how to care for your new custom cabinetry. Enjoy!

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